Global Fintech Brand Introduces Bankfabric Connectivity and Advanced Treasury Solutions

SK Global, a world leader in embedded banking and treasury automation solutions for Microsoft Dynamics, is excited to announce its transformation into SKsoft, along with updated product offerings. This strategic rebranding marks a significant milestone in the company’s journey toward providing enhanced efficiency for the offices of CFO and treasury through automation and cutting-edge software solutions.

Over the years, the company has built a strong legacy in the Microsoft Reseller Channel, offering a range of banking and treasury automation products and services that have catered to the diverse needs of its clients. Today, with the changing landscape of technology and the emergence of next-generation software solutions, the company is evolving its product line to better serve its customers.

Embracing Next-Generation Solutions

The decision to rebrand is driven by SKsoft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technology. With the introduction of two new improved product lines – SKsoft Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Microsoft D365 Finance & Supply Chain and SKsoft Banking Automation Suite for Microsoft D365 Business Central – the company is aligning itself with the next generation of Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions. These powerful platforms will enable SKsoft’s clients to achieve new levels of efficiency and innovation through automation.

Expanding Reach

Sksoft’s evolution is more than just a name change; it’s a strategic shift to a role as a global fintech provider. While the company maintains its strong partnerships with Microsoft and its Dynamics reseller partners, it is now poised to directly engage with a broader customer base via its global banking connectivity solution, Bankfabric, which is designed to work with any ERP or TMS. This expansion allows SKsoft to offer its transformative banking and treasury automation solutions to a wider range of businesses and organizations.

Clarity and Differentiation

Another driving force behind the rebrand is to eliminate confusion with entities sharing similar names in the market. SKsoft aims to provide a distinct and unmistakable identity, ensuring that customers and partners can easily recognize and engage with its brand. The company’s web address,, has been its corporate website URL since its inception and this will not change.

Positioned for Growth and Innovation as a Global Fintech

“We are enthusiastically ready to announce the evolution of SK Global Software into SKsoft,” said Scott Caudle, CEO of SKsoft. “This rebranding signifies our dedication to providing clarity of our vision and evolution into a global fintech that embraces the latest advancements in solution automation, including AI and low code API integrations, while building upon our legacy as the top global provider of banking and treasury automation solutions in the Microsoft Dynamics space.”

SKsoft is committed to ensuring a smooth transition for its customers and partners during this exciting transformation. The company remains steadfast in its mission to empower financial services businesses with software solutions that drive success and efficiency through automation.

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