Advanced Accounting Functionality for Growing Businesses

Say goodbye to time-draining accounting functions and say hello to ease, efficiency, and control. Embedded automation software extends the functionality of Dynamics 365 Business Central, empowering SMB leaders to get more done and make better business decisions.

Save Time with Payment Automation

Automate outbound payments by connecting your ERP to any banking platform worldwide. Centralized payment processing directly from the D365 Business Central platform ensures vendors are paid accurately and on time, without the hassle of logging into multiple bank accounts.

Seamless Bank Connectivity

BankFabric from SKsoft is sophisticated embedded software that enables real-time, two-way communication with your bank in a highly secure environment. BankFabric frees accounting and finance teams from switching to bank-native platforms, instead enabling key banking activities to occur directly within D365 Business Central. It’s the intelligent banking engine that powers all SKsoft solutions.

Control Risk with Positive Pay

Quickly reduce your exposure to unauthorized paper checks. Automatically create and transmit your Positive Pay files to your bank of choice all from within Business Central, resulting in a seamless low-touch experience.

Centralize Bank Reconciliations

Support quicker more precise bank reconciliation daily, weekly, or monthly with file and API-based data transmission between your bank and Business Central. After initial mapping is complete, the next time bank transaction data is imported, the data will appear in your ERP seamlessly.


By BankFabric

Any bank. Any platform. Any format. Anywhere in the world. BankFabric from SKsoft enables a SOC 2 and PCI-compliant secure embedded connection between your ERP and all your banking institutions. Supporting 2,400+ formats in 150+ countries, BankFabric is transforming banking transaction efficiency for the mid-market.

Enhance the Accounting Experience

Achieve next-level productivity and visibility without learning a new platform.

SKsoft increases controller confidence that they can access the most current banking data available. Equipped with accurate, real-time information, controllers can direct their attention to identifying anomalies that need correcting and leverage their experience to support strategic decision-making to help the business reach the next financial milestone.
Automating tasks and consolidating accounting functions onto a single dashboard reduces the risk of errors and dramatically decreases the time spent on day-to-day accounting activities. Automated reconciliation delivers unprecedented efficiency when pulling and preparing records for tax filing, audits, and more.

Ready to Automate Your Financial Operations?

Take a peek into the future of banking and treasury. Request a demo of our automation suite and take the first step toward your financial evolution.

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