When Kayne Capital, the leading alternative to investment management firm, decided to move forward with a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations implementation they turned to SK Global’s Treasury Automation Suite to take their financial automation a step further. Prior to their implementation, Kayne Capital struggled with the following pain-points:

  • Their accounting department would spend excessive time and resources setting up entities – they have over 270+ fund entities and 80+ management companies in play at any given time, and entities were formed and liquidated all the time.
  • Complex processes around allocating income and expenses to various management companies, making ownership structure complicated. Unique equity allocation methodologies among management companies resulted in manual and high-maintenance Excel spreadsheet.
  • Lack of a fully integrated robust ERP system, caused processes like closing, financial controls, audit logs, routing of approvals to be increasingly complex.
  • Due to the absence of a consistent account structure, they did not have the transparency needed to get a complete picture of financial performance without a separate analysis.
  • The reporting system did not provide the ability to analyze real-time data, resulting in manual efforts to produce materials.

Download the full case study to see how SK Global’s Treasury Automation Suite for D365 F&O resolved these pain-points directly in their ERP system.