Are you looking to help your clients realize exceptional value for money, increase efficiency and guarantee a strong return on their ERP investment? The solution from SK Global Software offers just that.

Automation of financial operational processes that will make your clients more profitable, and more efficient, even faster!  

Our Partner Onboarding Process

Join our SKG Partner Network — more than 400 Microsoft Dynamics Partners reselling our solutions globally.

Our onboarding process includes a mutual evaluation of both organizations, ensuring that your time as well as ours will be spent only on a strong, synergistic partnership. At a high level the onboarding process consist of 4 key steps:

Step One: Overall Fit

We will engage in an in-person meeting between management representatives from each of our organizations. During this meeting we will be assessing our overall alignment of strategy, business focus, and skills fit to evaluate our overall partnership fit.

Step Two: Solution Demo and Feedback

Upon agreed overall fit, we will conduct a full Demo of our solution to your organization (Including key Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, and Pre-Sales Consultants) to evaluate our solution for your customer base and prospective clients. We will ask you to evaluate and rate our solution accordingly, providing direct feedback on perceived market and customer fit for your organization’s focus.

Step Three: Strategy Workshop and Full Training

If common ground is found, the essential next step for both organizations will be a combined Strategy Workshop plus Full Training on our solution, running in parallel.

The Training will be a full training on our Banking and Treasury solution for Microsoft Dynamics AX. Depending on the size of your team, this training will take 2-3 days, and consists of in-person training, hands-on exercises, and a certification test.

The Strategy Workshop will be conducted in parallel by management team members from both organizations. During this session we will finalize our Partnership Agreement, agreeing on Goals and KPIs for our ongoing partnership. Duration for the Strategy Workshop is 1 day.

The total duration is typically 2-3 days, onsite at your premises.

Step Four: Official Partnership Announcement + Campaign Initiation

Upon completing a successful training and certification on our solution and with a signed Partnership Agreement, we will publicly announce our Partnership, and be ready to kick-off our first joint marketing campaign within your region immediately.


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