As companies are continuing to experience accelerated growth, it is more important than ever that they have the tools to optimize their working capital and their financial processes. That’s why SK Global is excited to share that we have been ranked as one of the top AR automation providers by Emergen Research. This is a huge accomplishment and testament to the amazing team at SK Global. Here’s what you need to know about this incredible news. 

Breaking Down the Numbers

To determine the leading AR automation solution providers, Emergen Research’s research methodology focused on interviewing subject matter experts and industry professionals such as AR managers. Coupled with qualitative analysis, they analyzed secondary sources such as industry reports, annual company reports, databases, and more. Together, their analysis outlined the top 9 industry leaders in AR automation based on the reputation, quality of the solution, and their market share proportion of the overall AR automation market.  

They also provided valuable information on recent market trends and future growth opportunities for adopters of such solutions – offering an invaluable resource for financial tech professionals interested in exploring more about the current developments within this space. For more information on these areas of the report, check out the Emergen Research study here.  

What Makes SK Global Stand Out Among AR Providers

SK Global has succeeded in the AR automation industry, shining amidst prominent competitors such as Blackline, Bottomline Technologies, Kofax, Quadient, Oracle, and more. Being a small company featured alongside these large competitors has clearly shown that SK Global has succeeded in providing design excellence and technology innovation to our customers. Being recognized in this manner means SK Global is at the forefront of AR automation with our Treasury Automation Suite – a sophisticated suite with features like automated direct debit with mandate automation, robotic-process powered matching of customer payments to outstanding invoices, deduction handling, invoice presentment and credit card payment handling. 

What We Can Expect From SK Global in the Future

As SK Global endeavors to continue to be an industry leader, we are looking to add even more advanced functionality to our AR automation solutions. To help accounting teams automate their processes better than ever, we are developing innovative ways to increase invoice-to-payment matching rates and to streamline the customer settlement process. For our Direct Debit functionality, we continue to release new formats regularly so our customers can easily have access to payment files that work for their specific banks. 

The Benefits of AR Automation for Businesses and Consumers Alike 

Automating your Accounts Receivable process will not only increase the efficiency of your AR team but drive down operating costs significantly. For your accounting team, automated AR processing can give your team the tools to better track your cash flow since your team will have a clear view of who is paying on time and who is not. Most importantly, your team can even increase cash flow by completing incoming payments faster with the help of RPA-powered AR automation tools.  

Teams are also no longer bogged down by processing errors since the top AR automation solutions like SK Global’s have robust matching logic and rules for high payment-to-invoice matching. Compliance and security are also automatically embedded in all of SK Global’s solutions. 

 SK Global is a top innovator in AR automation and we are always looking for ways to streamline the AR process for accounting teams. As we have seen in the Emergen Research study, SK Global is a leader in this area and is the chosen solution provider for global accounting teams in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance. If your team is currently looking to automate your accounts receivable process, book a meeting with our team at and discover ways that your company can elevate your AR process.