SK Global Software is once again ready to announce a major update and release of the leading Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

The new release of the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite, Version 9.1, includes significant feature updates to existing modules as well a brand new product launch added as an optional module within the suite.

The new product, Credit Card Advantage, enables easy and extensive handling of Credit Card Payments with access to numerous payment gateways directly from within Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX. This new product addition lines up naturally with our already existing module ePay Advantage, extending upon the same architecture for taking and automating Credit Card payments within your organization.

The new product and feature additions continually establishes SK Global Software as your one-stop-shop for expertise and solutions for handling and executing Payments- and Reconciliation processes in Dynamics 365 Operations and Dynamics AX.

To help you get an overview of the extensive list of features and updates added, we are happy to present you a quick overview of the most essential updates right here:

Direct Debit

We have now made it easier for you to take full advantage of your Direct Debit arrangements. Enjoy the increased efficiency by automatically withdrawing agreed funds directly from your customer’s bank account. By lowering the number of late payments and avoiding chasing customers can be a significant efficiency gain for most organizations.

With our recent updates you can now manage your Direct Debit Mandates (Agreement to withdrawing funds) within Dynamics 365 Operations. We help ensure your direct communication with your bank(s) or other payment processors, and have added additional validation check-points to increase your efficiency and security when submitting fund withdrawal instructions to the processor.

Did something unexpected happen during the posting of the transaction? Don’t worry, you can unwind/reverse a Direct Debit withdrawal instruction with a one-click button function. Easy!

Key functionality of our Direct Debit module includes, but is not limited to:

  • Enhanced Direct Debit Mandate support
  • Enhances Validation of bank formats and field validation during setup
  • AR Journal exception reporting and field validation
  • Return file support
  • Email advice/remittance templates. For instance, add payment currency and invoice currency as variables. You may also add the payment date optionally.
  • Full Reversal of posted payment transactions

The Direct Debit module is available within the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Credit Card Advantage

Our new solution for safely handling and processing Credit Card payments from within Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX!

Our newest offering of the Credit Card Advantage solution is now available in our Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.
This solution enables your organization to easily take and handle Credit Card payment processing from within your system.

With already established direct access to numerous major payment gateways you are ensured the most extensive credit card solution offering in the Microsoft Dynamics channel, trusted by more than 1,500 Microsoft Dynamics companies.

Notice that effective January 1st 2018, Microsoft will discontinue their standard Dynamics Online Payment Services offering, and, in order to mitigate potential business impact is recommending customers to consider payment solutions provided by Microsoft Dynamics ISVs. You may find the official statement via the following: External Link: Microsoft Community Announcement

With Credit Card Advantage you can safely process credit card payments from within several Dynamics 365 modules, e.g. from the Sales Order or the Call Center area. The authorization and processing of payments is safely handled by the cloud based PayFabric engine, which is already handling credit card transactions for more than 1,500 Dynamics customers today enjoying automated and safe payment processing.

Credit Card Advantage and the PayFabric engine is built for and in the cloud, with safe storage of credit card details that can be managed by the customer himself. This allows your staff to leverage a hands-off approach, which combined with the safe storage reduces your PCI compliance scope.

Some of the Key Functionality for Credit Card Advantage includes;

  • Fully integrated payment solution for Dynamics 365 Operations and Dynamics AX
  • Processing of Credit Card payments from the Sales Orders or Call Center module.
  • Safe cloud-based processing of payments via PayFabric
  • Supports numerous Payment Gateways: WorldPay, CyberSource, PayPal, ChasePaymentech, First Data, and more. These connect to over 70 payment processors! (Ask for the full list)
  • Supports Level 2 and Level 3 transactions
  • Allows you to be independent of Payment Gateways
  • Reduce PCI compliance challenges

Notice that our two modules Credit Card Advantage ePay Advantage in combination offers a very comprehensive payment solution, with an Online Invoice Presentment Portal,  Easy customer self-service handling of Credit Card details (for easier PCI compliance!) and Safe Payment Processing, as well as Automated Reconciliation of payments – all automatically synchronized and safely processed in Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX!

ePay Advantage

ePay Advantage has been updated to version  6.01, also available in the  Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

  • Online Invoice Presentment Portal
  • Automated billing process: Invoices from Dynamics 365 Operations/Dynamics AX are posted to the Online Invoice Presentment Portal, notifying your customer at the same time.
  • Customer has 24/7 access to Invoices and can submit payment anytime by Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Transfer, and more.
  • Customer can manage their own wallet – submitting credit card details stored safely in the cloud.
  • You enjoy a hands-off approach with no credit card details stored locally – making your PCI compliance a breeze
  • Payment processing is safely handled and synchronized real-time with Dynamics 365 and Dynamics AX.

Enterprise Bank Reconciliation

We have taken our Bank Statement Reconciliation module to a whole new level.

With the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations, you enjoy fully automated bank statement reconciliation across the entire organization, including all business units, any number of bank accounts, in any country, with any bank.

Among the many new updates we have added a new Bank Statement Screen where your automated import of bank statement files will check for missing statements, duplicate statements, and more. We have also added significant new advanced sub ledger creation rules and advanced settlement features that allow for an even higher degree of matching of transactions and reconciliation of bank accounts.

Enjoy immediate return on your investment with company-wide automation, easily handling high volume transactions and any number of bank accounts.

Some of the Key Functionality for Enterprise Bank Reconciliation includes

  • Matching Hit Rate %: Get an immediate indicator of how many of your transactions was matched automatically – and as you perfect the matching rules and criteria for your organization, see this go up day by day.
  • Improved Matching of Unstructured Data: We have enhanced your ability to match unstructured data significantly. Now you can even drop in your own data unstructured data to our new Analyzer Section and let our advanced logic settle thousands of invoices and payments in an instant. See below
  • New Analyzer Function: The new intelligent analyzer function will help you match transactions more easily. Analyze imported data, even copy/paste data into the Analyzer from a separate document manually, or type it in and let the Analyzer do its magic. No data limitation here!
  • Improved GL Reconciliation: Reconcile against GL, Customer, or your bank.
  • Statement Monitor: We have added a new Statement Monitor, checking for bank statements that have been imported, that are missing, or have been duplicated. If you receive just a few statements, or hundred of statements – this gives you an easy overview IF anything is missing and why.

Notice that you will be able to run Bank Statement Processing and Matching of Customer Payments as one single process, and as two separate processes – a separate process may be desired for team purposes, due to types of payments received (Checks and Lockbox functionality needed, etc). We offer both options in the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX.

Vendor Payments

And finally we have also improved our Vendor Payments processing. With even more validation points we are automatically checking that the correct information is being submitted to your bank for a successful transaction. This makes the payment processing more efficient, avoid waiting for days for the bank to tell you if the transaction went through. You know the correct information was submitted as you processed the payment – Increased efficiency and improved security!

Even if something unexpectedly happened or you want to undo your transaction. That is now easy, we have added a clever One-button feature to unwind/reverse a posted transaction with the click of a button. Now that is easy!

  • Improved transaction validation
  • Security ensuring bank account information is correct
  • One-click-reversal! Did something go wrong, or the payment didn’t go through? Unwind the whole transaction with just 1 click.

Fully integrate your Accounts Payable and payment processing to your bank(s) via the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite for Dynamics 365 Operations today and enjoy a fully automated and streamlined payment execution process!

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There is a lot to take in, but think about the efficiency you can gain. Take your Accounting, Finance, and Treasury Team to the next level of automation.

The new Banking and Treasury Automation Suite Version 9.1 is available for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Operations and Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012.


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