• We are fully extended ahead of time
  • Release in January supporting Dynamics 365 7.3 (Fall Release)
  • Product enhancements with latest release

Fully extended on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Version 7.3

With our most recent product update, released in January 2018 the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite is now fully compatible with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for finance and Operations 7.3 update, also known as the “Fall Release”.

In addition to that, our solution is also now fully extended – ahead of schedule!

With the 7.3 update, Microsoft will allow overlayered code which will produce warnings, but is still allowed. Also known as a soft seal.

But with the next 7.4 update, also known as the “Spring Release”, the general Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP solution will be hard-sealed meaning that ISV solution can no longer leverage overlayering.

We are very pleased that we are ahead of the curve. With this, SK Global Software continues to be at the very front of staying completely current with Microsoft Dynamics 365 releases.

Enhancements to the Banking and Treasury Automation Suite

As with all public releases from SK Global Software, we keep improving the solution. The January public release, TAS 9.3.1 is available to Certified Resellers via our Partner Portal and includes enhancements to several of our Banking and Treasury Automation Suite modules, with examples such as:

  • Bank Statement Automation (BankRec)

→ Enhancements to filtering of unmatched transactions, for processing bank statements

  • Vendor Payment Automation (AP EFT)

→ Enhancements to the Reversal of posted payments functionality

  • Direct Debit Automation (AR EFT)

→ Enhancement to the Reversal of posted payments functionality

  • Advanced Cash Application (AR eSettlement/Lockbox)

→ Improvement of the navigation from the Payments Workbench

  • Credit Card Advantage (CCA)

→ Updated support to PayFabric v. 3 for Gateway/Credit Card processor communication

For a full list of enhancements, we kindly refer to our Product Manual and Installation Documentation, also available via our Partner Portal.