Flint Fox + SK Global

Many businesses manage their pricing and rebate incentives in spreadsheets and tables, which is highly manual, inflexible and difficult to scale. With Flintfox’s Trade Revenue Management (TRM) for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain and RMx, our hyper-performance pricing and rebate solution, our customers can now accurately manage complex pricing with ease.

Benefits of leveraging our advanced technology:
• One source of pricing truth for all omni-channel sales
• Eliminate pricing and rebate spreadsheet administration
• 100% accurate and rapid execution of your trade promotions, discounts and upcharges
• And much more…

To boost the performance of your ERP and increase your company’s profitability, join our webinar with Flintfox on Pricing & Rebate management.

Inside the SK Global Bank Consult

We are known for cutting through the noise when it comes to talking with your bank. This session will highlight some of the key considerations we address during our bank consults and we’ll be sharing some tips and tricks as well.

AP Automation: Agreements in ExFlow

Accounts Payable teams will learn about recurring billing, acceptable usage, and agreements workflow.