When it comes to choosing a banking and treasury solution, many stakeholders devote significant time, planning and consideration to the process. Not only must decision-makers select the right tool, but they also need to ensure that it will support the necessary integration between internal accounting and treasury infrastructure and the bank.

Once this tool is chosen, however, the process isn’t complete just yet. Next comes the actual deployment, which includes its own set of considerations and challenges.

Thankfully, with a banking and treasury solution partner like SK Global Software by your side, your deployment becomes quick, simple and streamlined. Here’s how we do it:

Purpose-built tools

There’s a number of good reasons why you should consider SK Global for your technology solutions, including the fact that our software provides all the most-needed functions for banking and treasury processes today.

Our Treasury Automation Suite, for instance, enables your business to automate critical functions like cash management, vendor and customer payments, as well as risk management. And our Banking Automation Suite improves internal workloads for automated banking statements, statement reconciliation and processing vendor payments.

Overall, these solutions support a full suite of capabilities, and offer your internal accounting and treasury department all the features they need in a single platform that directly integrates with your existing Microsoft Dynamics deployment.

But we’ve also taken things a step further with our Bank Communications Hub, which not only streamlines the deployment of banking and treasury automation for key accounting processes, but supports the necessary direct and secure communication between your infrastructure and the bank. In this way, we not only offer all the features and capabilities your team needs, but the integration ability as well.

Supporting bank service partnerships

Speaking of banking integration, this is a part of the process that can become a bit tricky, if you don’t know which questions to ask and how to navigate successful integration. Thankfully, this is something that our SK Global experts are well-versed in, and we understand how to help you speak to your banking partners in a way that supports and expedites the process.

The power of Dynamics

In addition to providing all the features your internal accountants need and supporting your integration with the bank, our software also helps you make the most of your existing Microsoft Dynamics platform.

Our Banking and Treasury Automation solutions directly integrate with Dynamics AX and SL deployments, currently used by more than 30,000 businesses. This also means your internal users can reduce their learning curve and work in more familiar platforms, all the while taking advantage of expanded features and capabilities from SK Global.

A library of available file formats

In addition to fostering conversations with your banking service provider and supporting that integration, SK Global also has a pre-built library of nearly every existing file format within our Treasury Library. This means that we can enable the critical functionality between your Banking and Treasury Automation Suite and your bank from the very beginning, including activity like:

  • Bank reconciliation
  • Outbound vendor payments
  • Inbound files
  • And much more.

Our Treasury Library includes more than 500 banking file formats – from domestic standards like the U.S. ACH to international file formats for global banking.

And, if we don’t have just the right file format already built, we’ll work with your bank to get the necessary specifications and create one from scratch.

Years of experience

Besides the advantages provided by our software solutions, Treasury Library and other resources, your business also benefits from SK Global’s years of experience and deep expertise in the banking, treasury and technology industries. We’ve distilled this knowledge into a prescriptive methodology alongside empowering user training, where the result is a streamlined and successful deployment that enhances your banking and treasury processes.

Thanks to our experience, we understand the challenges that can arise during deployment, and we ensure that you’re able to sidestep and avoid any missteps.

“We want to make sure that things are right as early as possible in every project,” our Senior Solution Architect Chuck Schroeder pointed out on our recent webinar, Inside the SK Global Bank Consult.

If you’re ready to learn more about all the advantages we bring to the deployment process, get in touch with us today to ask questions of our experts, and get the ball rolling with your integration.