We give you 15 Reasons

With Bank Statement Automation for Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations, you can enhance the level of automation significantly, when performing bank statement imports, and performing your reconciliation. With increased automation you will enjoy;

  • Increased efficiency
  • Decreased Cost
  • Eliminating Human Errors

Here are 5 specific advantages of Automating

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No.1: Save Time and Money

By saving you time, you save money. Many underestimate the time needs to be spend on reconciliation between Bank Accounts and General Ledger Balances. Decrease the working time by using a Bank statement Automation.

No. 2: Operate independently of your bank

Switch bank without risk of losing automation. When switching your bank provider you can add and change Bank Accounts without without worrying of your internal efficiency.

No. 3: Reconcile daily, automatically

Increase cadence of Reconciliation to a daily process. Let the intelligent do the job and decrease the human interactions.

No. 4: Enterprise-wide = Massive efficiency gain

The size of your company is redundant, the Bank Statements Automation cover all from the smallest SME to the biggest International Enterprise.

No. 5: Process large data quantities, FAST!

This process makes it possible to at small number of individuals to handle a very large quantity of data painlessly.



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