•  Are you importing Bank Statements manually?
  •  Are you forced to match transactions manually?
  •  Looking for increased Bank Statement automation?
  •  Do you wish there was an easier way to process bank statements, automatically match and post transactions in Microsoft Dynamics 365?

With more than 1,500 Microsoft Dynamics Customers relying on our solutions and +20 years in the making we can help you automate your Bank Statement Processing significantly.

Key Features

Let’s get to the point.

Our solution offers functionality above and beyond what comes “out of the box” in Standard Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Here is a Quick Overview of Key Features in our Bank Statement Automation module:

Importing Bank Statement Files

  •  Import and Process Electronic Bank Statements automatically.
  • Process and automate across any number of legal entities.
  •  Process and automate across any number of bank accounts.
  • Supports importing from all banks, and any Bank Statement Format.

→ For instance; MT940, ISO20022, BAI2, and more.

  •  Enjoy our Bank Statement Monitor for an overview of all imported (or missing) bank statement files.

Processing Bank Statement Files

  •  Bank Statement Files Are Created Automatically.
  • Match and map each transaction line between your Bank Statement and your Microsoft Dynamic 365 ERP data based on rules setup.
  • Intelligent Matching and Posting Rules will post missing transactions automatically.

→ Match Vendor Payments and Direct Debit Collections.

→ Automatic Posting of missing GL transactions with Financial Dimensions.

→ Automatic Posting to different bank accounts (Sweeps), with Financial Dimensions.

→ Intelligent Matching of Inbound Payments to Customer Invoices.

→ Takes specific customer agreements into consideration (Discounts, Grace Days, Overpayment, Underpayment, etc.)

And then some…

  •  Easily installed and configured – Built for and within Dynamics 365.
  • Get a Daily and Instant “Matching Hit Rate” of all imported Bank Statements and Transactions.
  • Keep increasing your Matching Hit Rate and Automation as you become more confident with the matching rules.
  • Leverage Advanced Matching Rules, configurable to support your business and individual customer agreements.
  • Intelligent Analyzer Function – Do you receive PDF’s or Excel Documents from your customers, specifying what has been paid? Simply drop the data into our search field and let the system match ALL transactions automatically!

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