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Win Wire Report for 2021

We have some exciting updates here at SKG! We have grown considerably this year and we wanted to share our newest developments with our SKG family. During this year, we have had more demand than ever for full-service bank and cash management automation solutions. This has meant growing our partnerships and deepening new and existing client relationships. Through our innovative and forward-thinking team, we have built solutions that can work for any company willing to fully maximize their Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance capabilities.

We have made significant progress in getting new clients globally from a diverse number of industries from wholesale manufacturing to biopharmaceuticals. We have broken our previous sales records, and have added 100+ clients this year! Below is a breakdown of the industries where our newest clients work in.

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The industry we gained the greatest number of clients in is manufacturing where we gained 19 new clients! The reason why we appeal to clients in the manufacturing industry is because we have been successful in simplifying and streamlining the supply chain process through our cash and bank management automation solutions. Many of our newest clients are companies that work throughout the supply chain process, and they specialize in a range of services such as supply chain logistics, metal manufacturing, automotive manufacturing, food manufacturing, and more. If your company is in the manufacturing sector, learn more about our newest products for the manufacturing industry here (link the manufacturing brief). Following the manufacturing industry, we have also gained considerable new clients in the wholesale (10), mining (5), and retail sectors (5).

View full SKG New Client Industry Representation here!

Some notable new clients include:

  • A nationally recognized wholesale distributor of automotive & replacement parts with 40,000+ employees.
  • A prominent logistics company based out of Lakeland, Florida.
  • An American-based tire company with 30,000+ employees.
  • A nationally known brand of whole grain foods.
  • One of Canada’s largest financial technology companies.
  • A global toy seller, often known as the foremost toy authority in the world.
  • A worldwide leader in zinc production who is focused on sustainable ESG approaches.
  • One of the largest Hispanic-owned businesses in the U.S., specializing in Business Process Outsourcing.
  • A leader in fuel cell energy production who is enabling a greener, cleaner energy future.

Our newest clients have loved our Bank & Treasury Suite solutions and have chosen it predominantly over the other solutions we offer. We also have had 10 P2P wins with our AP Automation partner, SignUp Software!

Clients from all industries are attracted to our solutions because of its look and feel, its seamless integration into D365, and its customization capabilities. Bank automation has never been easier than with SK Global Software.

We are excited about SKG’s growth, and we hope you are too! If you are looking to expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance’s capabilities even further, feel free to contact us at