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Wire Transfer Plus Formats Library for Microsoft Dynamics SL

Revised 6.1.2016

Verifying Formats: as you’ll note below, not only do some banks have more than one format, but they have various systems/programs that a customer can use. A bank customer needs to confer with the bank to determine the most appropriate system or product that the bank offers (this might be determined by features, cost or other factors). Once the System/Specification has been determined, the next step is to identify which types of transactions are needed (e.g. domestic wire, international wire, book transfer, out-sourced check printing, etc. – could be one or more of these). With this analysis completed, check our format list below for a match – if not found or there is any question, please obtain the bank’s file format specification and we’ll review it for a match.

If a new format or transaction type is required, we will analyze the specification you provide and provide a quote to develop and add it to the library.
NOTE: With the AP-EFT and AR-EFT modules, ONLY the US-ACH format is supported. For ANY other format, the Wire Transfer Plus module is required.

Bank System/Specification Supported Formats/Transaction Types
ABN AMRO (NL) OfficeNet Direct Foreign Payment (Normal)
(BTL91) Foreign Payment (Urgent)
ABN AMRO (NL) OfficeNet Direct Postbank Account (Urgent, Non-Urgent)
(CLIEOP 03) Bank Account (Urgent, Non-Urgent)
ABN AMRO (EU) SEPA Direct Credit
Allied Irish Bank (IE) SEPA Direct Debit
Allied Irish Bank (IE) Electronic Money Transfer System (EMTS) Direct Debit
Amegy Bank (US) Amegy Connect Domestic Wire, International Wire
BACS (UK) Aztech Credit, Debit
Bank of America (US) BAFF US-ACH
Low Value Int’l Wire
High Value Int’l Wire (PRO)
Fed Wire (FWT)
FX Wire
Check (CHK)
Bank of America (US) Cash Pro Online Repetitive and Non-Repetitive Wires
Bank of America (US) Cash Pro Online – Global Payments CSV Wire
Bank of America (US) Bank of America Direct (User defined CSV – Repetitive) US Transfer
International Transfer
Bank of America (US) Bank of America Direct (FXWD-CSV) Wire (FXW)
Bank of America (US) Electronic File Delivery (EFD) All but ACH (they are handled via eBanking’s AP-EFT)
Bank of America (US) ISO 20022 XML, v3 ACH-Domestic/International
Bank of America (US) PayMode Credit Card
Book Wire
Bank of Tokyo (US) BTMU-eGateway EDI/Wire
Bank of Tokyo (US) BTMUM-CMS SPEI
Barclays Bank (AEDU) Mixed Payments DD-Manager’s cheque payments
OW-Payments between accounts
IN-Payments between Barclays accounts
SW-REM-Local and Intl payments
Barclays Bank (UK) IBB CSV Standard (credit files only)
Barclays Bank (UK) ICeB – BACS Direct Credit
Barclays Bank (UK) ICeB – MT103 InterAcct (iAT)
Same Day (SDP)
International Payment (IP)
Bank of Montreal (CA) EFT 80 byte, Credits
Bank Windhoek (NA) ePaC-version 1 Credit-Same day, Credit-2 day
BB&T (ES) EDI-820 Check (CHK), CCD+
BB&T (US) Cash Manager Fed Wire, Int’l Wire
BBVA Compass (ES) Confirming Direct Payment, CC
Comdata (US) Virtual Card Payment
Comdata (US) CSV-Virtual Card Payment
JPMorgan Chase (US) Access Repetitive line
Domestic (DMT) – FED, BKT, CHP
Foreign (GMT) – IAT, GIR, LOC, CHP
JPMorgan Chase (US) Access Check Print
AP6 Standard Delimited
JPMorgan Chase (US) Access – Global Delimited Flat File (GDFF) Belgium, Canada, France, Malaysia, SEPA, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom
JPMorgan Chase (US) Global ACH GDFF-SEPA Debit – FRST, RCUR, FNAL
JPMorgan Chase (US) Morgan Direct Commercial (MDC) FX Credit
JPMorgan Chase (US) SUA-Batch Payment
Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC) (CA) EFT 80 byte, Credits
Canadian National Bank (CA) 1464 Misc. Payment (450)
Citibank (CA) BUS-ACH Flat ACH-EFT
Citibank (CA) BUS-Flat Check v2 Check, ACH-PPD,CCD,CTX
Citibank (LATAM) PayLink Plus – 1024 071 – Interbank/Domestic Funds Transfer
072 – Book Transfer
073 – Managers Cheque
Citibank (US) Citidirect Flat File (CDFF) Book Transfer (US)
Funds Transfer (US)
ACH – PreFormat (US)
ACH – Credit (US)
Book Transfer, Funds Transfer – PreFormat (US)
Wire Transfer (WL)
Citibank (UG) Citidirect Flat File (CDFF) DFT, EFT, BKT (normal), RCH
Citibank (US) EDI-820 CTX – (US Bank Charge Cards)
Citibank (US) Prepaid Card – Flat File Create/Load Account
Citibank (US) Business Access Domestic Wire
Citibank (US) ISO 20022 XML, v3 Wire Transfer
Book Transfer
Comerica (US) Fedwire
Comerica (US) IP CSV Check – FedEx
Check – USPS
Compass (US) MT-eAccess Domestic Wire
Commerce Bank (US) AOC Credit
Commerzbank (DE) SEPA-XML CCT
Commerzbank (DE) DTAZV Foreign Transfers
Commerzbank (UK) MT101 Credit
Deutsche Bank (DE) DBDI (db-Direct Internet), Global 175 CSV Urgent & Non-Urgent
Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland (+ESR), United Kingdom
DTAUS (DE) HBCI Commercial Payment
Employment Savings Benefit
Payment of Public Institution
Payment w/ Checksum protection Charitable Donation
Febelfin (BE) Isabel-XML.003 Credit
Fifth-Third Bank (US) Card Payables Card (Vendor, Payments)
First Tennessee (US) BoA-BAFF Fed Wire (FWT)
HSBC (CA) Global Payments – ASCII 430 – Bill Payment
(v3.8) 450 – Misc Payment
452 – Expense Payment
460 – Accounts Payable
HSBC (CO) Customer Credit Transfer Initiation Low Value Payments – ACH
(20022 XML)
HSBC (EU) Customer Credit Transfer Initiation Low Value Payments – ACH
(20022 XML)
HSBC (JP) Customer Credit Transfer Initiation Low Value Payments – ACH
(20022 XML)
HSBC (UK) Hex4W-4WBACS Credit
HSBC (US) Customer Credit Transfer Initiation High Value Payments – Wire Transfers
(20022 XML) Low Value Payments – ACH
Cheque Outsourcing – COS
HSBC (US) Integrated Payables High Value Payments – Wire Transfers
(EDI/820/831) Low Value Payments – ACH
HSBC (US) iFILE – Bermuda ACH-CR, FTR (foreign transfer), IAT (inter-account transfer)
HSBC (US) iFILE – Asia Pacific ACH-Credit, Check Outsourcing (ICO)
HSBC (US) MT103 UK, HK, US – Credit
ING Bank (BE) Payment Orders Ordinary transfer/circular cheque
(Layout 128) Transfer w/ std format message
ING Bank (BE) Foreign Payment Orders Ordinary bank cheque to beneficiary
(Layout 128) Crossed cheque to beneficiary
Ordinary bank cheque to ordering customer
Crossed cheque to ordering customer
Open bank cheque to beneficiary bank
Crossed bank cheque to ordering customer bank
Postal Order
Other (agreed)
European payment method
International – Normal
International – Urgent
Left to choice of financial institution
ING Bank (UK) BACS-Credit Transfer UK-IE Normal, Urgent
Jamaica (JM) ACH PPD, CCD, CCD+
Jamaica Natl Bank(JM) IPC Credit
Lloyds of London (UK) Lloydslink-PC Pay/BACS CSV
National Commercial Bank Jamaica (JM) Funds Direct LVP
National Commercial Bank Jamaica (JM) APS Credit
Nordea (FI) Bill Pmt Svc. (LM03) Reference Number
Nordea (FI) Electronic Foreign Currency Pmt (LUM2) Pmt Order, Urgent, SWIFT, Cheque, Nordea Acct Transfer, Own Nordea Acct Transfer
Northern Trust (US) Batch Management System (BMS) Outgoing Wire
Transfer between Accounts
Northern Trust (US) Batch Management System (BMS-WCM) Wire-Exp
PNC (US) Payables Advantage Check (US Mail, FedEx, Return)
Wire (Domestic, International – non-repetitive)
PNC (US) ActivePay ActivePay
PNC (US) Pinacle PFX (103, 110, DDA)
Royal Bank of Canada – RBC (CA) Standard 152 430 – bill payment
436 – utility bill payment
452 – expense payment
460 – accounts payable
022 – US-auto deposit
023 – US-prenote demand credit
Ruesch (US) Portal – Partial XML Payment – FreeForm
Santanders (UK) BACS AP Credit
Scotia Bank (CA) Online for Business EFT Credit
Scotia Bank (CA) ScotiaConnect Online Web EFT Template
Scotia Bank (CA) Scotia Bank – Direct EFT 80 byte – Credit
Scotia Bank (CA) CPA005/1464 EFT Credit (430,436,450,452,460)
Silicon Valley Bank (US) eConnect Domestic Wire
International Wire
Silicon Valley Bank (US) FastTrack Check (CHK)
SMBC (SG) SMARTS Cheque (DV), GIRO (BP, PR), Remittance (TT, IT)
Societe Generale (FR) CMI-101 (EFT) Credits
Standard Chartered Bank (UG) S2B TT, RTGS, BT, ACH
SunTrust  (US) n/a Freeform, Template
Swiss Interbank Clearing (CH) DTA 826, 827, 830, 832, 836
TD Banknorth / TD Bank (US) RemEDI – FastTrack ACH, Check Issuance, Wire Transfer
Toronto Dominion (CA) EFT 80 byte, Credits and Debits
Union Bank of CA (US) Payables Services FWT, SWT, ACH
US Bank (US) SinglePoint FED, INT, INTL-USD
US Bank (US) Access Online Payment Plus
Wachovia (US) Wachovia Connection Payment Services ACH Transfer
Account Transfer
Book Transfer
Domestic Transfer
Treasury Payment
International Wire Transfer
Wachovia (US) Wachovia Online Payables ACH, Check
Wachovia (US) Wachovia Integrated Payables ACH, ACH w/Paper Advice, Check
Wells Fargo (US) Commercial Electronic Office (CEO) Templated Wire Transfer
Wells Fargo (US) Commercial Card Expense Reporting (CCER) – AP Control Commercial Card
Wells Fargo (US) Payment Manager Service (PMS-2007) DAC, MTS, IWI, CHK
Wells Fargo (US) Payment Manager Service (PMS-2009), pipe delim. DAC, DAC-PMP, MTS, IWI, CHK, SDC, CCR
Wells Fargo (US) Payment Manager Service (PMS-2011) CCR
Wells Fargo (US) Payment Manager Service (PMS-2013), pipe delim ACH, MTS
CHK-Next Day – std/overnight
CHK-Same Day – std/overnight
Zengin (JP) Sougou Furikomi Comprehensive Bank Transfer
Cross Border Remittance