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Win Wire Report Q2 2022

The 2nd quarter has just finished and SKG has continued to see growth as new companies are engaging in digital transformation! Now more than ever, companies are looking for embedded financial automation solutions that are built into ERP systems like Microsoft Dynamics 365. We have found that many of our newest clients are actively looking for ways to automate their financial processes, which has led them to SKG’s robust, full-service bank and cash management automation solutions like Treasury Automation Suite and ExFlow’s AP Automation module.  

Our embedded financial automation solutions work for any industry and that is portrayed in the variety of industries that our newest clients operate in! For the fiscal year’s 2nd quarter, we have 23 new clients and we gained the greatest number of clients in the manufacturing sector. They operate in various niches in the manufacturing sector from steel production to medical device development. Following the manufacturing industry, the second-most and third-most popular industries that our newest clients operate in are the wholesale trade and engineering sectors. 

Below is the full scope of the industries that our newest clients from FYQ2 operate in. 

Chart by Visualizer

At SKG, we value building new partnerships across industries and our newest clients are now a part of the SKG family! We have added great clients and would love to show them off so here is a brief profile of some of our newest clients:  

  • A leader in the personal grooming and pet grooming product industry since 1919 
  • One of the most storied American football franchises  
  • A leading multinational information technology company with over 51,000 employees  
  • A global staffing company operating in over 12 countries with 21 subsidiaries 
  • One of the top 25 accounting and consulting firms in North America 
  • America’s foremost producer of artificial trees 
  • A ranching and home supply franchise that spans across 5 states 
  • A global leader in multi-technical services operating in 17 different countries with roughly 74,000 employees worldwide  
  • The longest continually operating architecture and engineering firm in the U.S. 

Clients from all industries love our solutions because they are easy-to-use, efficient, and embedded in Microsoft Dynamics F&O. All SKG solutions are configurable to our clients’ needs so they can have the tools they need to grow! Financial automation has now never been easier than with SK Global Software’s Treasury Automation Suite and ExFlow’s AP Automation solution. Many clients love to bundle these two together to have a robust automatization of their financial processes!  

We are excited about SKG’s growth, and we hope you are too! If you are looking to expand your Microsoft Dynamics 365 F&O’s capabilities even further, feel free to contact us at