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Saying goodbye to one of SK Global’s most beloved team members – Ralph Spice.

Ralph Spice

It is with much sadness that we share Ralph’s passing. When we announced Ralph’s retirement, it was with the hope that he would recover from a series of strokes … which was the catalyst for his retirement. Unfortunately, that was not to be, as he passed quietly in his sleep, surrounded by his family, on the night of January 27, 2021.

Ralph was the voice of our support desk for products running on Microsoft Dynamics SL (eBanking, Project Work Order, Work Order Procurement, and Shop Floor Control) since the early days of Sandler*Kahne Software (SK Global’s predecessor). We get many, many comments from our SL customers that they absolutely loved Ralph!

A Little History:

Prior to Rick Sandler and Tim Kahne founding Sandler*Kahne Software (SK) in 1994, Rick & Ralph, both having backgrounds in consulting with manufacturers, collaborated on a few manufacturing engagements. After SK launched Work Order & Project Work Order for SL (then Solomon), the next project on the table was Shop Floor Control w/Capacity Scheduling. Rick asked Ralph to collaborate on the design of the module. Although his initial relationship with SK was as a consultant, he soon became SK’s 3rd employee.

As SK launched the eBanking Suite for Solomon, which was the natural evolution of Tim’s AP Direct Deposit, Ralph quickly mastered that product…and the rest is history.

Over the years, as we attended SL events, we were consistently asked “where’s Ralph?” They wanted to put a face to his name and voice. We always kidded Ralph that he was like Mr. Wilson on Tool Time (starring Tim Allen) …the neighbor we always heard but never saw! …

Wilson From Home Improvement

When Sandler*Kahne Software evolved into SK Global Software (SKG) on January 1, 2015, Ralph continued to support our SL customers. As Microsoft Dynamic F&O fueled the expansion of SKG, our SL customer base continued to grow. Ralph single-handedly kept up with the support of our SL customers.

We are grateful for all the contributions Ralph made over the years. We will miss him dearly.

Like to make a contribution?:

Elephants held a fascination for Ralph … and a special place in his heart. To him … as with many of us … they are majestic creatures that deserve our protection. In honor of this passion, we are making a contribution in his name to The World Wildlife Foundation’s Adopt an Elephant program. If you would like to learn more and/or make a contribution yourself, click the links in this paragraph.

In 2005, Ralph lost Martha, his wife of 30 years, to kidney failure. We (and his family) thought it would be fitting to make a donation to the American Kidney Fund. If you would like to make a contribution in Ralph’s name, you can click the donate button in the upper right corner of that page.

Stay Tuned:

One of Ralph’s annual traditions was to throw a big party on July 4th, where he would put on a no-holds-barred firework show! Neighbors, friends, and family would all bring their lawn chairs and enjoy the show. In honor of that tradition, his family is planning a “Celebration of Life” event on July 10th in Belair, MD. Given the current pandemic, we will have to see how things develop. Ralph’s daughter, Ella, has said “all are welcome, but nobody is obligated”. We will update this page as things develop.

If you would like to leave a comment, please do so in the comment section below.

57 replies
  1. Tim Seneca
    Tim Seneca says:

    So sad to hear about Ralph’s passing. I’ve interacted with Ralph on quite a few occasions. He was always so courteous and knowledgeable. He was an absolute pleasure to work with. Our office always loved talking with Ralph. Thank you for all of your help. You will be missed.

  2. Dan Watasa
    Dan Watasa says:

    I interacted with Ralph on a few occasions, they were all good moments, always taking the effort to ensure that we successfully dealt with whichever challenge that came up. He will be dearly missed.

  3. Stephanie OCain
    Stephanie OCain says:

    I can not imagine solving an ebanking issue without Ralph’s help. Mr. Wilson he was to me, so I appreciate you including his picture. He was an incredible resource and will be missed.

  4. Andres Zuniga
    Andres Zuniga says:

    it’s very sad to hear about Ralph is not longer with us. My sincere condolences to his family, and his extended family at SK Soft.


  5. Sandria Williamson
    Sandria Williamson says:

    Sincerest condolence to SKSoft and to Ralph’s family. We at Systems Multi Services Jamaica are deeply saddened by his loss. I have personally worked with Ralph for the past 20 years and admired his calm demeanor to whatever situation we have that I was thinking was a major support issue. I will always remember how easily he calms me down and had everything working fine. I will truly miss him.

  6. Tiffany Bennett
    Tiffany Bennett says:

    Very sorry and sad to hear about Ralph. I’ve worked with him for over 20 years, way back to early Solomon days! He was always there for me and my customers, and he was wonderful to work with. Deepest sympathy to his family.

  7. Tammy Patton
    Tammy Patton says:

    I’m so sad to hear of this loss. Condolences to your family, team at SK Global, and friends. RIP, my friend.

  8. Katrina Harris
    Katrina Harris says:

    So sorry to hear such sad news of Ralph’s passing. Condolences to his family, friends and all those touched by his kindness and wisdom.

  9. Patricia L Brunelle
    Patricia L Brunelle says:

    So sorry to hear about the loss of Ralph. He was a tremendously wonderful helpful man who I loved to chat it up with when
    we would be on support calls. Glad he will be with his beloved wife hopefully having a wonderful time up in the big sky.
    Ralph will be greatly missed. Rest in peace my friend:)

  10. Linda Smith
    Linda Smith says:

    This is such sad news. I truly had hoped he was enjoying his retirement. My condolences to his family and friends.

    Deepest sympathy,
    Linda Smith

  11. Joann Santucci
    Joann Santucci says:

    Hard to put into words how sad this news is. Was hoping he was off to enjoy being retired and having fun. My sincere condolences to both his personal and work families and all his friends. I know he will be sorely missed.

  12. Dilcia Bulli
    Dilcia Bulli says:

    Happy Retirement Ralph!
    Thank you so much for effortlessly supporting us over the years.
    You will be missed but have a great time enjoying this new phase of your life.
    Stay Healthy! Stay Safe!
    Warmest wishes from
    Dilcia & The AllTechBiz Team in Jamaica

  13. Gary Korby
    Gary Korby says:

    Ralph, I think I have worked with you since I became an SL consultant over 20 years ago. You have always come through for me and will be missed. Enjoy your retirement and don’t let them drag you back!

  14. Debbie Peavy
    Debbie Peavy says:

    Some people are hard to replace and will be deeply missed. Ralph is definitely one of those people. Always so helpful and always fun to work with.
    I wish you the very best in this next phase of your life. You deserve the very best!

  15. denise stroffolino
    denise stroffolino says:

    Ralph thank you for being the “go to guy” for everything eBanking all these years. You were always a pleasure to work through problems with, being the keeper of the crypt of answers great and small. You will be missed.

    I wish you all the best in your well deserved retirement,

  16. Frank Timbone
    Frank Timbone says:

    Congratulations on a long and illustrious career. You have always been a pleasure to work with and will be missed when I run into any issues. May your future endeavors be as rewarding as it has been to work with you in the past.

  17. Frank Riley
    Frank Riley says:

    Congrats! Best wishes for your golden years. I have really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all your help.
    I am right behind you on the retirement track.
    Frank Riley

  18. Angie Wheeler
    Angie Wheeler says:

    Ralph, great to hear of your retirement! Thank you for your excellent customer service for so many years, you will be greatly missed. Enjoy yourself and a do a little relaxing now.
    On behalf of those of us at DMA, wishing you all the best!

  19. Sandria Williamson
    Sandria Williamson says:

    Happy retirement Ralph. It was very rewarding working with you I learnt a lot . We will miss you but you have left us in capable hands. So, go enjoy your time from the ‘office’ and do what you like with your days.
    Best wishes

  20. Veronica Gasaway
    Veronica Gasaway says:

    All the best to you Ralph! It’s never been a problem having an issue with SK products…I knew you would respond quickly and know what to do! Hope you have a lot of fun in your retirement!

  21. Jerome Butler
    Jerome Butler says:

    Congratulations on your retirement. We have worked together for many years and you have been a reliable resource that cared about the products SK Global promoted. Thank you for all your help and may God Bless you in this new phase of your life. Stay in contact my friend.

  22. Tammy Patton
    Tammy Patton says:

    Congratulations on your retirement! I’ve enjoyed working with you through the decades. We’ll miss you!

  23. Peter G Hummel
    Peter G Hummel says:

    Good for you Ralph to take some time for yourself. I agree with the others that have posted congratulations to you that you will surely be missed from the SK environment and the SL environment with your vast knowledge of how the system works. I hope you have some interesting things planned for your retirement time.


  24. David Siegel
    David Siegel says:


    You were the consummate professional — knowledgeable, responsive, empathetic, and unflappable. Enjoy you’re well-deserved retirement. You will be sorely missed.

  25. Laura Vogel
    Laura Vogel says:

    Congratulations Ralph! You always were responsive and very helpful! Hoping your post support life is relaxing and filled with the things you enjoy. I really appreciate the knowledge that you have shared with us to help resolve issues for our clients. You are a good, sincere and straight forward person!
    Best to you!
    Laura Vogel

  26. Ray Gnall
    Ray Gnall says:

    Can’t tell you how much we’ll miss your stalwart and reliable support, Ralph…..I’ve never dealt with a more professional, patient and informed support tech. Nice to hear your history, and the entire Queue team and I wish you a happy retirement…..hope our paths cross again. Thank you, Ralph.

  27. Anne-Claire McAllister
    Anne-Claire McAllister says:

    Congratulations Ralph! Thanks for all your assistance over the years to the Accountnet for AL e-banking. You will truly be missed!
    Enjoy your retirement.
    Anne-Claire McAllister and the Accountnet team

  28. John Joyce
    John Joyce says:

    Ralph, thank you so much for all of the help, guidance, and most of all, patience!

    You will be missed!!

  29. Ruth Ann Ellerbrock
    Ruth Ann Ellerbrock says:


    Thank you for everything you contributed to the SL community. It has been my pleasure to work with you.

  30. Randy Andrews
    Randy Andrews says:

    Ralph – I am sad that you leaving us behind…however, you are getting a well deserved break. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you over the years. BE WELL!!!!!!!!

  31. Jen Spitler
    Jen Spitler says:

    Congratulations, Ralph!! Thank you for the many years of excellent service – enjoy your retirement!!

  32. Chris Schack
    Chris Schack says:

    I would like to thank Ralph for the many years that he has supported me and my clients. It was an absolute pleasure to work with Ralph over the years… Congratulations Ralph – all the best in retirement!!!!

  33. Cindy Hall
    Cindy Hall says:

    Congratulations Ralph! I’m very happy for you. You have been a joy to work with over these years. I’m not far behind you!

    Wishing you a long, happy, healthy retirement!

    Merry Christmas.

  34. Michael England
    Michael England says:

    Hello Ralph,

    Congratulations! Thanks for all the great, friendly service you have provided me over the years. Always able to resolve client issues.

  35. Alan Davis
    Alan Davis says:

    Congratulations Ralph! Thanks for all the assists over the years. You will be missed!
    Enjoy your much deserved retirement.

  36. Patricia Brunelle/Patricia Scanlon
    Patricia Brunelle/Patricia Scanlon says:

    Wow so glad you are going to chill and retire but boy we will really miss you!!! You have been a tremendous help over the years.
    I hope you get to have some fun and go do some things you always wanted to do (or maybe you are all set and have done everything you want!)
    Whatever the case, I will miss you! Wishing you the best!

  37. Jane Nygren
    Jane Nygren says:

    Hi Ralph, Good Luck to you in Retirement. I’m sure you will enjoy spending more time with your family. Thank you for all your help. You will be greatly missed. I always appreciated your quick responses to my eBanking problems.

  38. Lisa Stranahan
    Lisa Stranahan says:

    Ralph – I never had the pleasure of directly working with you, but I have to thank you for all the years of amazing support. You always helped my fabulous co-worker, Lucille Pileggi resolve anything our clients could come up with and for that I’m grateful to you. I wish you a wonderful retirement!

  39. Lucille Pileggi
    Lucille Pileggi says:

    Congratulations on your retirement! I am so happy that you will have more time to spend with your family. Thank you for all your patience through the years and for helping me with all my issues. You have always been a pleasure to work with and I truly enjoyed our conversations while we worked through the problems. I will miss working with you.

    Best wishes for a long and happy retirement!

  40. Linda Smith
    Linda Smith says:

    Hi Ralph,

    Congratulations on your retirement. You’ve always been my Go-To person for any ebanking issues. I truly appreciate all the help you have given me over the years. You will be sorely missed by all of us! I hope you enjoy yourself in your retirement.

    Warmest wishes, Linda Smith

  41. Teri Knecht
    Teri Knecht says:

    Ralph! I can’t believe you’re leaving me! ;)
    All kidding aside, it has been my extreme pleasure to work with you over the years. You have always been able the calm to all my storms. Support work is stressful at times but I knew when it came to needing help with eBanking clients I didn’t have to worry because I always had you in my back pocket. Cheers to your retirement. May it be long and full of joy!

  42. Joann Santucci
    Joann Santucci says:

    I cannot believe you are beating me to retirement Ralph! I am so jealous. It has been a pleasure working with you over the years. You were always there with the right answer and a most pleasant attitude making eBanking issues a pleasure to solve when working with you. You will be greatly missed. Enjoy that retirement.

  43. BeeJay Reichelt
    BeeJay Reichelt says:

    Hi Ralph, I am so very happy for you that now you get to spend much more time with your beautiful family. But, I am so sad for us. I have had the pleasure of knowing you for only one year! I will miss our chats. Thank you for your kindness and patience each time we spoke. You are one of a kind and will be missed!! All the best to you and your family. Happy Retirement.

  44. James Moore
    James Moore says:


    Congrats on your retirement!! It was great working with you. Thank you so much for your assistance and support over the years. Hope you have a long and healthy retirement. Good luck and take care.

    James Moore

  45. Cindy Smith
    Cindy Smith says:

    Ralph – Congratulations on your retirement! I hope you get to do many fun things every day of it.

    You will be missed and I thank you for your help over the years.

    Take care!

  46. Nicole Eggan
    Nicole Eggan says:

    Congratulation Ralph, and well deserved I’m sure. Thank you so much for all the help over the years, you’ve been an oracle a few times. All best wished you.

  47. Donna Hurst
    Donna Hurst says:

    Congratulations Ralph on your retirement. It has been a pleasure to work with you over the past ….. WOW 20 years at least. I knew I could always count on you to translate my “donna speak” into the real problem and take care of any issue. You will be missed (and envied) as you move on to your next adventure! Congratulations again!

  48. Kadalyn Cook
    Kadalyn Cook says:

    Ralph was always great to jump in and help whenever I sent in a request. He is very knowledgeable and polite. Going to miss having him as an eBanking reference. Enjoy retirement! You will be greatly missed.

  49. Kevin Kueny
    Kevin Kueny says:

    Wow, that is a huge bummer for me, but fantastic news for Ralph, well deserved! Ralph, it’s been a great pleasure working with you – you really know your stuff. Thanks for all the help, and enjoy retirement (can I join you?)

  50. Jim Russell
    Jim Russell says:

    Ralph has been a key contact with SK Global in working with the eBanking and Work Order Procurement modules that we use at HMT. He’s always been responsive and a pleasure to work with.

    @Ralph — all the best in retirement! Enjoy!

    Best wishes,



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