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FAQ: SK Global Software, LLC

On December 15, 2014 we proudly announced the formation of a new company, SK Global Software, LLC (SKG). This page is designed to address questions from our partners and customers and will be updated as new inquiries come in.

Please contact Aynsley Keller at if you have further questions.

Q: What’s changing?

A: Although our name is changing and there will be some administrative things to note, most aspects of our business will not change (website, phone numbers, email addresses). We are still dedicated to providing quality software and service to the Microsoft Dynamics SL and AX communities.

Q: When does this take effect?

A: As of January 1, 2015 – SK Global Software, LLC will conduct all sales, operations, billing, and administration previously conducted under Sandler-Kahne Software, Inc.

Q: I understood the AX development and support team was part of Plumbline Solutions. Is that changing?
A: Yes. That dedicated eBanking team of developers and support personnel will now be employees of SK Global Software, LLC and will receive @sksoft email and phone extensions.

Q: Who is on the executive team of the new company?
A: Tim Kahne and Rick Sandler will become SK Global employees. Tim is the Chief Technology Officer and Rick holds the position of Chief Operating Officer.  Scott Caudle, who’s new to the team, is the Chief Executive Officer.

Q: Who do I contact for assistance with sales?
A: Please contact the same team member you have in the past, we’ve made no changes.

Q: Did the company get sold, or merge with another company?

A: The company was not sold.  It consists of a name change along with bringing all our products and resources under one SK Global umbrella.

Q: Should we request a new W9?

A: Yes, SK Global Software, LLC has a new federal tax ID. Please email Debbie Monninger ( for these requests.

Q: We need to renew our software maintenance, how do we handle that?

A: For those of you paying by check, our remit-to mailing address remains the same, but please note the vendor name will the SK Global Software, LLC moving forward. If you’re submitting payments electronically please be in touch with us to get our new banking information.